I had a client before i decided to pay thousands of dollars to be certified. I became a certified instructor because i thought having a piece of paper would create more opportunity. Opportunity to share health and wellness to others.

I did not go the conventional studio route to get certified. I found a dedicated 70 year old man who spent his whole life practicing yoga. He studied in India. And not to mention apprenticed under Ram Dass for over 15 years. I was more interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga. The culture and yoga’s roots. After I met Lex I knew that he was an ideal match for what I was seeking.

A year or so after having my certification and teaching private lessons, I looked into teaching at a studio. Every avenue I explored led me to the same demand. “Pay my studio to rectify you in something you are already certified in. Then you can teach at my studio and get paid.” I have to pay bills to live and this is my dream job. I cannot afford to pay for something I have already paid for. I dedicated myself, my time and my money to follow my passions and this westernized version of yoga has capitalized for profit.

My advice is do what you love. A certification is not a golden ticket. If you are passionate about becoming a yoga instructor, Do it. You do not need a certification to take on clients or organize a yoga lesson. Find your path and follow your dreams.