Cody and I have been Vegetarian for 4 years. I can say for myself my initial reason for making the change was a moral one and I didn’t realize it would transform into so much more. There are so many reasons I am still vegetarian now, the main ones being moral, ethical, environmental, and health reasons.

Cody and I go for long periods of time holding a vegan diet. We are often reminded of the horrors of the dairy and egg industry. Yet when we compromise back to vegetarian (often when eating out), we are so much more conscious about it and that is our slow progress to being full vegan. We hope that sharing our vegan struggles can help you in your journey and gain a helpful perspective from fellow animal lovers.

While we are on the road we want to highlight our conscious decisions and the places we go supporting our lifestyle. We are going to promote local farmers markets, co-ops, restaurants, food trucks, and more! We will show you what we cook on a day to day basis, where we have to go to get it, when we have to compromise, the struggle of finding food, and the areas that flourish.

We want to show you that traveling doesn’t mean you have to give up on your cruelty-free diet. Stay tuned for our list of bulk food items we will be purchasing, our staple meals we create now, and more!