We were just a few weeks from our date when we start full time traveling and I get an unexpected call from my boss. For the past 2 years I have been teaching people how to paint at an art studio and I was just informed the studio was going out of business. At first I felt a little sad this job had helped me accomplish so much. Then I started to look forward to it. I wondered about all the paint and art supplies I would get my pick of. I started to see it as a sign. My final tie to this place being severed so that I am free to follow my aspirations.

When it came time to close I helped clear out the studio. I was rewarded with lots of art supplies which is extremely useful but I live in a home on wheels so it doesn’t provide much space. I am just starting to acclimate to this reduction of room and it is hard for an artist. I just finished a bigger three canvas piece that I had to paint on the floor due to my easels incapability to hold multiple canvases at once. My lower back was not pleased to say the least. For the most part the storage is okay it feels spacious which is a plus.

People say when one door closes another opens. I believe this to be true. Since first hearing about the studio closing down, I have been presented with many opportunities to teach and get my artwork out into public eye allowing me to make some quick cash. As we get closer to our departure date I hope you will follow our journey and watch for art tutorials, along with my new work that will be up for sale. Supporting my art journey can be as simple as sharing it with your friends!