You are only as good as the tools you have, so Hailey and I have been focused heavily on making sure we have all the right gear to get all the ‘jobs’ we need done and to counter emergencies. We both believe in sustainability, less harmful products, and minimal impact on the planet and our wallet, so we have been looking for products that fit these needs best.

We also believe in not reinventing the wheel, so we have sought after others who travel full time and have taken good notes on what they use and why! One couple that we have gotten the most information from is the Wynns of, thanks to their great site content and especially great videos! Go check them out now, seriously!

I grew up with my family owning a 5th wheel, so I already have years of experience with setting them up and breaking them down. Who knew all that “annoying” time I spent having to help my dad while my friends played, would come in so handy! The only part I didn’t get to practice was the driving and backing up part, which is my one big fear at this point! But that is for another day and blog…


My past experience has already come into play in a major way when it comes to the toilet, yes the toilet. The one thing I will never forget, is how much my dad hated cleaning out the black-water tank aka the sewage tank. So when I saw a video by the Wynn’s about their composting toilet and learned it eliminated the black-water all together, I was on board instantly! In our next blog, we will go into depth about this awesome toilet and also discuss all of the products we currently have and why they are important and then after that one we will go into our list of products we have on our list. Stay tuned!