I always had a knack for trying new things. I feel like I have been on a constant conquest to find things I enjoy doing. The first time I tried SUP yoga it was in Galveston at a friends class. Being on a board floating on the water and doing a yoga routine was nothing short of a challenge. Even so something about being on the water was extremely calming. Now that I have my own paddle board and am practicing more regularly, I can lay out what you should expect if you decide to try it.
The leap of faith is stepping onto the board and trusting it to keep you afloat. You must trust yourself and the water around you. As water infinitely shifts its shape you must flow with the tides. Facing your fears is a true factor in SUP yoga. Take a risk and if you fall get back up and try again.
Being on the water will keep you tuned into your breathing. The gentle sound of water lapping while on a paddleboard will help relax and keep you aware of what is going on inside your body, soul and mind. As your board shifts and rocks against the caressing of the water, It will help refine your technique due to your awareness being heightened in every pose you do.
Balance the most challenging aspect of SUP yoga. In the most simple of poses like bridge and wheel to the more difficult poses such as headstands and handstands balance is a delicate touch. The smallest of movements can haul you into the water. Placement is key to finding the root of your balance. Make sure you are centered and just breathe through your movements.
During Savasana you become the water gently bobbing with the wake. Your thoughts become fluid and are carried to the depths of absolute silence. A treasure that only exists underwater. Over all, Paddleboard yoga is empowering and fun. You gain a unique perspective of water and yourself. Get outside enjoy some sun and try something new.