Without struggle there is no progress.” -Frederick Douglass

The idea to live on the road full time came after a devastation of loss. Cody and I took a risk with a close friend and it did not turn out well at all. We lost the whole future we envisioned and many thousands of dollars. We had to make a tough decision to move back to our home town area and in with Cody’s father.

After moving back we made a financial decision to be a vendor at Art Outside to get our feet back on the ground. Art Outside, for those of you that don’t know, is one of the most fun and art induced festivals around! It is in the beautiful foothills outside of Austin, Texas, and features hundreds of artist’s work, live painting, live music, workshops, a great marketplace, and amazing food vendors.

We thought we could catch a break knowing we did so well the first time we vended this event the year prior, so we spent thousands on supplies and hundreds to secure our spot and made the investment. But once we arrived we encountered the biggest hurricane to hit the West Coast from the Pacific Ocean. We were flooded out! After regretfully being forced to pack up and leave, our truck broke down and we were hundreds of miles away from home. We were wet, cold, low on money, and exhausted, but finally six hours later, our tow truck finally arrived and we made our way to a hotel (did we mention money was low!?).

After a day waiting for the shop to open, we got out truck fixed and headed home empty handed. And to top it all off, we were not even refunded for the “rain or shine” event! Let’s just say, we will not be going back and learned some VALUABLE lessons about business and risk!

Our aspiration to live our dream is indeed a struggle. Everything from the fluctuation of income week to week, to Cody and I needing to live with relatives until we save enough to vacate to the truck breaking down and all the other in-betweens. Nothing comes easy and there are always unexpected problems, but if you stay determined you can make it through and come out on top!

Stay tuned as we share our struggles with our ever breaking down truck, our struggles keeping a consistent income as Cody works for himself and I transition from a regular job to full time making money from art and our travel blogs, and much more!