When you are new to full time traveling, it takes some time to adjust to the lifestyle, and not only for us, but also for our traveling companion Kiwi. She is a playful 6 year old black cat with beautiful green eyes. On March 20, 2017 we set out on our full time RV adventure. But this meant that the cat had to ride in the truck, which she is not a fan of. So before we left, we tried to provide the most comfort to her as much as possible providing her a favorite blanket she loves to burrow into, along with water, food, and a litter box in the truck. We first tried to keep her in her crate, but she was scratching off her nails trying to get out after a few minutes, so we let her out and burrow into the blanket on the back seat.

But next we were met with disaster, right in the beginning! As soon as we got onto the freeway, 20 minutes into our departure, our trailer became detached from the hitch and was hanging on to our tailgate. Otherwise, it was about to roll downhill, onto oncoming traffic with major consequences!

While Cody had stepped out to assess the damage in a scared hurry, he accidentally left the the door open and Kiwi jumped out of the truck almost onto the freeway! Cody had to dive and catch her before she was hit by a car. You can imagine how terrified she and all of us were. Her heart was beating so fast and she went right into the crate she always refuses enter quietly, and with no assistance. It was a rough start for all of us needless to say, but we made the needed adjustments and made it to our first location, only to find out the truck was breaking down.

Since then, we now have a brand new truck that rides very smooth, so the car rides have been much easier for her, though she still fusses a bit when first put her into the truck. Sometimes she even hides when she realizes we are about to leave, but after a few minutes she adjusts fine. As much as she dislikes the car ride, it is redeemed by how much she loves the changing of landscapes. She enjoys adventuring out and meeting friendly or rather terrorizing new creatures, such as the tarantula she found in Arizona. Or her love for the endless bushes in our current location in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Our never ending concern is for her safety and comfort. Because we are changing location frequently, there are always new predators we have to keep in mind. Whether it is coyotes on the prowl, bobcats, owls, or even a more simple things like cactus plants that could cause her harm. Due to this, we have only been letting her go out during the day, because she is too difficult to see at night and keep track of. We have tried taking her for supervised walks at night, but she tries to lose us the whole time and she refuses to walk on a harness and leash. So we are still learning and trying to see what works best for her. We have even considered given her some sedation with either animal grade THC or CBD because we want to avoid things like liquid Benedryl if possible and are keeping our options open.

The adventure continues and we are all learning and adapting. Kiwi is as happy as ever and will continue to enjoy exploring the various terrains and the creatures that dwell in them! Stay tuned for more updates on Kiwi, and tips and tricks we have for travleing pet owners!