Every yoga student at some point or another relapses into a state of being out of practice. After being out of commission for some time,  it is typical to want to go all in to counter it, but this is not wise. This is where you can injure yourself from pushing too hard. You have to build your foundation back up by getting back to the basics of yoga. As much as I would love to jump back into right where I left off that is a dangerous thing to do. My approach is to first just get back into an everyday, at least one hour routine that concentrates on the basics and core of yoga practice.

So what does getting back to the basics really mean? It means you have to build your strength, stability and balance back. It is to practice positions that are starting points for newbies. These poses are ones you may have before, while you were in practice, found to be easy. Although building your foundations back up is easier than if you were just starting for the very first time it can still be a looming process. Once easy positions are once again difficult ones. That can be discouraging but as long as you keep a routine of doing it will come back and once again become a muscle memory.

This is exactly where I am currently in my practice. Back at the basics and I am building my foundation up to where it once was. I am on day 16 of my personal 30 day challenge and am feeling my flow become easier than when I started this challenge. In preparation for our full time traveling journey, one of our focuses is on our health. We are planning to do acro-yoga, yoga, hike, and much more as a part of our daily routine to be fitter, stronger and more flexible humans, but we are easing into it and taking our time!