What is project Clean As You Go?

While on our journey, Hailey and I will keep trash bags with us while in nature and gather any trash we see and can carry. This will show not only the massive problem we have with litter in nature, but also what just one or two people can do if they care and act. We will give weekly/monthly updates on progress, but also focus on a larger film that focuses on what we learn from years of cleaning up on the road from all across the nation. We hope to provide needed insight on the problem as well as offer individual solutions which can lead to more collective based solutions.


We also will be reaching out to all of the Keep America Beautiful affiliates, to offer them a sponsorship and advertising opportunity with us and this project, as well as to highlight the work they are doing and help encourage clean up in their communities. I already work with Keep Massachusetts Beautiful and Keep Mansfield Beautiful, and hope to work with many more as we progress and travel from state to state!


The first bit of activism and event organizing I ever did was a park clean up in my hometown of Pearland, Texas. I got 8 or 9 friends together, brought donuts and kolaches, handed out trash bags & gloves, and we just simply picked up trash for an hour and had fun. In just that one hour, we got 10 bags of trash! And from this moment on, I knew the impact just a few people could have on an area!


So with inspiration from the past, we look to have a more clean future! We expect to gather thousands of bags of trash that will likely weigh tons! Keep up with our story to see how much of an impact we make and get inspired to start cleaning up your community!