Everybody took art classes as a kid. Most of us didn’t even think about that being something we could legitimately make a living off of. Most have heard the expression ‘starving artist’ and most steer clear from that lifestyle and it’s negative condemnation. So the benefits of practicing art are lost on most people.

Art didn’t become something serious for me until after taking painting classes outside of school. I was in 7th grade then. Even after all those private lessons, I had no Idea I would end up an art instructor and get paid so well for what I do. Even after becoming a painting instructor at a paint and sip I never saw myself becoming the manager.

After working under some very talented artists I have picked up some great teaching and painting techniques. I will be making videos of paintings I will be working on and techniques and tutorials so you guys can learn to paint or just excel in a skill you already have. I am going to allow my travels to inspire me and work in some of the most breathtaking environments. Expressing yourself is meditative and has so many positive impacts on your emotional state. I hope you will be inspired to get creative!