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Hailey is a certified class B skydiver, a certified yoga instructor, artist, art instructor writer for the, and more. She will be sharing her art skills with tutorial videos and sharing her passion for yoga with routine videos as well as inspiring photos and videos of yoga in beautiful nature. Hailey also will be creating beautiful art while we travel from destination to destination and capturing the awe inspiring moments with her creative lens. Be sure to check out, support and purchase her art at by clicking here.

Cody is the editor for the, a marketer, website designer, photographer, and film maker, and will be utilizing these skills to share the journey with you all. We will create daily/weekly/monthly based content about the journey but also focus on longer term film projects. One being a documentary covering our entire, years long journey with all its ups and downs. We don’t know where the journey will take us, but we will be bringing you all along for the ride!

Kiwi is our beloved black cat we lost along the adventure.

Another thing we are working on is a trash clean up project. While on our journey, we will keep trash bags with us while in nature and gather any trash we see. We hope to show the massive problem we have with litter but also show what just one or two people can do if they care and act. We will give weekly updates, but also focus on a larger film that focuses on what we learn from years of cleaning up on the road from all across the nation. We hope to provide needed insight on the problem as well as offer individual solutions which can lead to more collective based solutions.


We will also work on videos and different types of art that reflect general hope and inspiration, in what can be very trying times for many. We both come from activist backgrounds and believe that creating a more positive world by our own creations is more worthwhile than fighting the systems of corruption on the ground level. Though it is important to note that there is nothing wrong with this path, as we both have taken it and actually met on this same path.

We will be working on projects like these and many more as the journey progresses. We hope something we have to offer strikes an interest with you but more importantly we hope you are inspired to follow your dreams! Blessings to all!

We are proud to be partners with the!

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