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Meet Hailey

Hailey is a certified class B skydiver, a certified yoga instructor, artist/art instructor, doTERRA consultant and writer for Hailey creates beautiful art while we travel from destination to destination, capturing the awe inspiring moments with her creative lens. Be sure to check out, support and purchase her art at by clicking here. Check out videos of her awesome skydiving and pictures of her in her natural element (nature)!

Meet Cody

Cody is an agorist, marketer, website designer, photographer, documentary film maker, producer for the ADAMVSTHEMAN podcast, and is the editor for His focus is capturing the beauty of wherever we are in the world and sharing it with you all to see! He is also passionate about cryptocurrency and all things decentralization

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Please follow our work at, a blockchain based social media that pays you in cryptocurrency for your content! Yep, social media that pays you! Cody’s Page & Hailey’s Page.


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